Friday, December 28, 2012


OM "Addis"
Death Grips "I've Seen Footage"
Michael Gira "The Seer (demo)"
Cut Hands "Kongo"
Sertyżur "Noc"
Gorillaz + Andre 3000 + James Murphy "DoYaThing (radio edit)"
Kim Boekbinder + David J. "Moon Landing"
Ty Segall "Femme Fatale"
Kentin Jivek & Miro Snejdr "Communication"
John Cale "Nookie Wood"
The Mark of Cain + Henry Rollins "Grey 11"
John Zorn "Stalking Dub"
Sebadoh "All Kinds"
Dr. John "Revolution"
Bester Quartet "The Spectre"
Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra "Do It With the Rockstar"
Bad Brains "Into the Future"
The Wu-Tang Clan "Rivers of Blood"

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