Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Hellhammer "The Third of the Storm"
Sodom "Burst Command Till War"
Destruction "Antichrist"
Sepultura "Antichrist"
Celtic Frost "Dawn of Meggido"
Vulcano "Dominios of Death"
Bathory "Enter the Eternal Fire"
Poison "Yog-Sothoth"
Sarcofago "Desecration of Virgin"
Obscurity "Damnation's Pride"
Morbid "Disgusting Semla"
Tormentor "Anno Domini"
Rotting Christ "Feast of the Grand Whore"
Blasphemy "War Command"
Samael "Knowledge of the Ancient Kingdom"
Beherit "Goat Worship"
Pandemonium "Haga Sophia"

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